Rayocomp PS 10 "Complete-Edition"

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Rayocomp PS 10 "Complete-Edition"

The Complete Edition of Rayocomp PS 10

Even if the Rayocomp PS 10 is of modular design, in the medium and long term most users apply all available BnPS and RAH software modules of the device. The Complete Edition of the Rayocomp PS 10 was developed exactly for these users.

It unites the following advantages:

The Complete Edition contains the BnPS modules 1 to 6 and the RAH modules 8 to, also the new module M10.

The Complete Edition (article No. 2286) is available at a preferential price. At present, you save more than € 1,100.00 on a ‚normal‘ device with the same modules! More information is available on our website.

If, in  addition, a Complete owner decides for the veterinary software module M 11 at some time in the future, he will get the Vet Module at a lower prices.

The device comes with a 3-year warranty (except the rechargeable batteries, for which the warranty is one year).

Side stickers on the device highlight the special status of the Rayocomp PS 10 – Complete.

Only the Complete Edition of the Rayocomp PS 10 is delivered in an exclusive and virtually indestructible Rimowa® aluminum hard shell case. The case is small enough to be allowed as hand baggage into an aircraft. Thus, it can be carried as hand baggage. The case is a trolley case and therefore very easy to transport. A perfect solution, especially for mobile clinics, veterinarians, when traveling on leave, to presentations, etc.

The delivery includes the Rayocomp PS 10 Complete, the battery charger, a detailed instruction booklet and the Rimowa® aluminum hard shell case.

The Rimowa® case has enough space also for the Rayotensor, protection and measuring cup, four 30-cm detectors, RAH Green Cards and ball/tip detectors.

Note:Please note that the Rayocomp PS 10 Complete is not available on hire.

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