Rayonex analysis- and harmonisation program vet

Rayonex analysis- and harmonisation program vet

After a development process lasting several years, we delighted to expand and refine the frequency structure from human application to application in horses, dogs and cats as an independent veterinary module in the Rayocomp PS 10.

The specific composition of the programs in RAH-Vet now provides a quick direct approach to energetic testing and harmonization.

Programs for physiology and for pathology were developed individually for horses, dogs and cats.

The module contains specific system programs in which both causal agent and pathology frequencies were integrated. Also included were feed and drinking water tests.

It is possible to change from one test point to the next by the Rayotensor during the test. The test in details programs and use of the Green Card are also supported.

The RAH Vet is a module in its own right but it can be combined with all programs from the human sector, which also contains the full set of cause-oriented programs.

Like all other RAH modules, the RAH-VET can be tested free (30 working hours). The RAH-Vet is available in Rayocomp PS 10 from software version 39.

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