Gigahertz high-frequency analyzer set HFE59B

Gigahertz high-frequency analyzer set HFE59B

Broad-band measuring instrument for the professional assessment of high-frequency load situations. Necessary to determine suitable remediation measures and to examine their effectiveness. User-friendly instrument for professionals. The scope of functions and the design are geared to the building-biological practice.

• measuring range: 0.001 µW/m² … 1 999 000 µW/m² (with pre-amplifier and attenuator)

• frequency range: 800 MHz ... 2 500 MHz (3 300 MHz with additional tolerance) with directional decoupled LogPer antenna

• frequency range: 27 MHz ... 2 500 MHz (3 300 MHz with additional tolerance) with quasi-isotropic ultra broad-band antenna UBB27_G3

• accuracy: 3 dB, 5 digits

• peak value holding function for professional, reproducible measuring results

• peak value and mean value display (switchable)

• radar/UMTS optimization (2 MHz video band width) selectable

• DC output for long-term recordings, audio output, standardized AC output

• identification of pulsed radiation sources by means of a modulated frequency-proportional audio signal, such as mobile radio communication (GSM, UMTS), cordless telephone systems (DECT), WLAN (Bluetooth), air-traffic control radio  

• Contents: measuring instrument, attachable directional LogPer antenna with antenna cable, ultra broad-band antenna UBB27_G3 with nut inserts, high-pass filter HP800_G3, amplifier HV10_27G3, attenuator DG20_G3, plastic carrying case, internal NiMH battery, power unit/charger, detailed operating instructions (in German), information on the subject of “electromagnetic smog” 

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