Field meter FM 6T

Field meter FM 6T

It is possible to show through bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt that people can be treated particularly effectively while asleep. Unfortunately, negative influences also can be stronger when asleep. Whilst sleeping, interference fields, e.g. electric and magnetic alternating fields, stress the organism more than whilst awake.

Here are the maximum values recommended for sleeping places under building-biological aspects: 

Type of field/maximum value in bedrooms 

Electric alternating field/1-5 V/m

Magnetic alternating field/1-50 nT 

If you suspect that certain areas of your house, e.g. the bedroom, are contaminated by electric or magnetic alternating fields, you should determine these fields more precisely. You can do it yourself with the help of a field meter, of which we offer two models: the FM 6T. The field meter FM 6T is additionally equipped with a sound generator that can signal the field strength acoustically.

Both models, the FM 6T, have been nominated by Ökotest (the Magazine for Health and the Environment) as test winners. 

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