Bio-field configurator Duplex III, medium, with earthing cable

Bio-field configurator Duplex III, medium, with earthing cable

Our Solutions for Geopathic Burdens and Electro-Magnetic Pollution

Many years ago, the frequency spectra of geological disturbance zones (grid systems, water veins, shiftings …) affecting our organism and leading to destabilisation were determined by following Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt. The Duplex bio-field configurators conceal a resonance system inside which is precisely tuned to the frequency spectra of the geological disturbance zones. The Duplex emits these as bipolar frequencies into the ambient air – triggering a regulating effect for humans. The Duplex is available in three sizes – delivering the intensity required for individual purposes. Since the burdens are growing stronger every day, it is hardly surprising that the large Duplex is demanded in over 90% of all cases.

Besides the strong burdens caused by geopathic anomalies, electro-magnetic pollution is becoming increasingly problematic.

For the problems of electro-magnetic pollution, the E-Smog Rayonator now presents an excellent way of supporting the Duplex III, which is specially tuned to geopathic disturbance, as mentioned before.

Analogous to the human organism, where an organ is not controlled by one frequency alone, electromagnetic pollution also has several resonances. Frequency analysis of an electric or magnetic field, carried out with Bio-resonance method according to Paul Schmidt, reveals in six fundamental frequency values: (22.5), (40.0), (77.5), (78.5), (89.5) and (99.5).

The E-Smog Rayonator carries six dipole antenna systems inside which are precisely tuned to the fundamental frequency values mentioned above. If the Duplex is connected to the E-Smog Rayonator, these six frequencies are sent out into the surroundings, along with the frequencies for geopathic disturbance.

Simply place the Rayonator for electro-magnetic pollution onto the foot of the Duplex. Then connect the E-Smog-Rayonator and the Duplex with the cable supplied. Insert one end of the white cable into the E-Smog-Rayonator. The other end of the cable (with the distance sleeve) is pushed into the cross hole of the Duplex foot (see fig.).

The E-Smog-Rayonator in combination with the Duplex is exactly what you need to protect yourself against geopathic burdens and electro-magnetic pollution at the same time.

Duplex III medium, weight 1.72 kg, height 35.0 cm

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