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Therapy Chair



Usually, the patients are connected with hand and foot detectors or with four Velcro detectors...more
Product information "Therapy Chair"

Usually, the patients are connected with hand and foot detectors or with four Velcro detectors to allow efficient transfer of the frequency spectra of the bioresonance device to the body. A large surface detector is a further variant to make use of these frequencies. Unfortunately, once the patient has been connected to the bio-resonance device with several detectors and cables, movement is highly restricted. With the new therapy chair, however, additional detectors are no longer necessary. The secret lies in the comfortable upholstery of the therapy chair, black eco-leather treated with natural substances, with detectors built in along the total reclining area. These integrated detectors situated in the head, back, leg and foot area, ensure an optimal frequency transfer to the complete body. As soon as the patient is lying comfortably in the chair, the frequency spectra can be applied to the rear part of the body along the spinal column.

Patients can use the therapy chair either lying down or sitting up, thus a heart line is created to support the circulatory system. In order to reduce electro-magnetic pollution, the chair – as well as the matching table as well – is made of solid wood. The therapy chair is designed to fit small and large patients alike. It consists of solid wood and is available in two different versions. One version is the chair with the upholstery made of eco-leather treated with natural substances only. This chair has integrated detectors. The other version is furnished with imitation leather, the detectors are not integrated. If you buy the imitation leather chair, hand and foot detectors or the four fabric detectors have to be used as before.

A matching table to accommodate the bio-resonance device according to Paul Schmidt optimally near the therapy chair is also available. It offers room for a Rayocomp PS 1000 polar or a Rayocomp PS 10 and the most frequently needed accessories such as sensors and special detectors. 

• eco-leather treated with natural substances only

• with integrated detector

• solid wood



"Therapy Chair"
"Therapy Chair"

Wichtig: Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich bei dem verwendeten Ökoleder um ein Naturprodukt handelt. Ein naturbelassenes Leder kann Naturmerkmale ausweisen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

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