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E-Smog Rayonator II with grounding cable



Product information "E-Smog Rayonator II with grounding cable" In our world of high...more
Product information "E-Smog Rayonator II with grounding cable"

Product information "E-Smog Rayonator II with grounding cable"

In our world of high technology, alternating electric and magnetic fields are found almost everywhere. Wherever electricity is used, these fields occur. Whether we are at home or at the office – and unfortunately also in our bedrooms – we are often exposed to these fields all day long.

If you examine people who were exposed to alternating electrical and magnetic fields for a long time with bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, you will always find that the same regulation deficits. Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt characterizes these deficits by a total of six special basic frequency values (22.50; 40.00; 77.50; 78.50; 89.50; 99.50). These six basic frequency values were integrated, according to the principles of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt in the E-SMOG RAYONATOR II through six dipole antenna systems. Studies of cell biology show that using these basic frequency values the organism's capacity for regulations can be very positively influenced. You can examine the studies at

Use: Set up the E-SMOG RAYONATOR II in an upright position at a distance of at least 50 cm from a grounded outlet, and connect the E-SMOG RAYONATOR II and the outlet with the grounding cable included with delivery. 

"E-Smog Rayonator II with grounding cable"
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