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Duplex IV



Right from the start of Rayonex, we have been focussed on the development of Biofield Forming...more
Product information "Duplex IV"

Right from the start of Rayonex, we have been focussed on the development of Biofield Forming Devices. In line with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt (BaPS) those frequency spectra which have a destabilising effect on the organism (grids, underground watercourses, geological faults, etc.) have been determined. The Duplex Biofield Forming Devices have inside a resonance system which is attuned precisely to the frequency spectra of the geological interference zones. These are emitted in a bipolar way by the Duplex which has a regulating effect on the body. Why was development of the Duplex IV necessary? The reason behind the new development is the changed environmental conditions which affect not only us, but also the Biofield Forming Devices themselves.

Due to the increased stress potential, the Duplex III devices can no longer supply the frequency spectra in the original and necessary intensity. First and foremost, it is electrosmog which has greatly increased, making it necessary to develop new solutions. The Duplex III has already been optimised to take into account the changed environmental conditions. If the geopathic stresses are not too high, these devices can still be used, no question. However, if high levels of stress caused by electrosmog are present – caused mainly by high frequency pulse-modulated radiation – the new Duplex IV is recommended: it is currently the most powerful Biofield Forming Device in the Rayonex range.

By using BaPS, the reduced stress potential becomes evident following installation of the Duplex IV. This process can sometimes take anything up to six months.

So that the device cannot change its polarity when subjected to excessive stresses, it is manufactured entirely from a special stainless steel alloy.

Grounding of the Duplex IV is not necessary. Additionally, the intensity of the emitted frequencies is increased. The new Duplex IV is also not affected by the negative influences of the installation site.

Duplex IV, weight 2.7 kg, height 50 cm

"Duplex IV"
"Duplex IV"

Please note the Duplex IV was developed to support the body against geopathic stress. If  electro smog is also a burden the Duplex should be used in combination with Rayonators (see E-somg-rayonator or HF-Rayonator).

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