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Rayonex Analysis and Harmonising System (RAH)

Rayonex Analysis and Harmonising System (RAH)


RAH 4.0



The new system has a clear medical structure both in analysis and in harmonising. The structure...more
Product information "Rayonex Analysis and Harmonising System (RAH)"

The new system has a clear medical structure both in analysis and in harmonising. The structure and the presentation come from the School for Naturopaths operated by Rayonex. The cause-oriented approach of bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt is taught with the same intensity as the medical knowledge the students need in order to pass the examination.

The RAH distinguishes between analysis, in which disturbances can be detected, and harmonising, which is intended to specifically stimulate auto-regulation.

Analysis with the RAH starts with the causal influences like vitalisation, electrosmog, geopathy, acid-alkaline balance, nutritional balance etc. Subsequently, the complete physiology is offered for testing. In a clearly subdivided structure, analyses can be performed starting with the cells and tissues and moving on to complete systems of organs. In this procedure, intuitive testing is supported in which the therapist can quickly switch between the individual organ fields and a test grid which allows an overall testing.

Tests are conducted from broad general tests to finer tests. For instance, the complete area of the visual organ can be tested. If a disturbance is detected, then you can perform a fine test showing whether the disturbance affects the eye chambers, the tunic membranes of the eyeballs, the eye muscles, etc. If the disturbance is detected in the tunic membranes, you can refine the test again to show whether, for instance, the conjunctiva, the retina etc., is affected.

The great advantage: By testing main fields, the test itself can be considerably quickened, while, if necessary, you still can perform detailed tests.

In addition, special sub-items in the analysis allow the testing, e.g., of Schüssler salts or Bach flowers.

At present, the RAH has 1766 frequency structures by means of which you can perform analyses or harmonising. In the annex to this product information, you will find a list of the frequency spectra that are currently available.

"Rayonex Analysis and Harmonising System (RAH)"
"Rayonex Analysis and Harmonising System (RAH)"

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