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Module M6: RAH Global test VET PS 10

Module M6: RAH Global test VET PS 10

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RAH-Globaltest VET PS 10

The energetic testing of food intolerance and harmful substances is a large area of application...more

The energetic testing of food intolerance and harmful substances is a large area of application of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt in veterinary medicine. A VET test kit with 87 native individual substances is currently available for testing. It often occurs that tests also take place outdoors. The new M6 module "RAH Global test VET for the PS 10" is especially suitable for this case, as it provides all the necessary programs within the device.

With the new "RAH Global Test VET PS 10" it is now possible to carry out an energetic test of incompatible or harmful substances and their harmonisation without any ampoules.

Thousands upon thousands of tests were necessary to test the substances with regard to their fundamental frequency values and to integrate them into the new RAH programs of this module. As a result, the well-known, proven and simple use of RAH programs within the device - without any glass tubes - is really possible. Everything can be called up immediately, nothing has to be stored, no substance can become too old in the glass tube, no glass tube can break, and there is no need to test the preservatives.

With the module "RAH Global test VET PS 10" a compilation of 11 higher-level areas and a total of 97 new RAH programs in the RAH area from RAH 19.00 to RAH 19.99 is available for the Rayocomp PS 10. With the level test, you can quickly jump from higher-level areas to detailed areas and test them with a click on the Rayotensor.

You can find a list of all 97 new RAH programs of the "RAH Global test VET PS 10" here.

Please note that the use of this module requires the activated module M11 (RAH-VET).

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